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Behind the Scenes: The Recruiting Process
  • Search database for prospective candidates.
  • Contact candidates and phonescreen for skills, experiences, and cultural fit.
  • Send out materials on company and position
  • Reference candidates.
  • Present to client.
  • Prepare for interviews and make travel arrangements.
  • Follow-up with feedback - pro and con.
  • Get compensation expectations.
  • Follow candidates progress and provide feedback and encouragement.

Recruiting Timetable
  • Find and screen candidates - 2-3 weeks.
  • Process from contacting recruiter to person starting in the position is 10-16 weeks.
  • Speeding this up results in poor quality and more time added to the process.

Interviewing Process
  • Best interviews are those that focus on skills and characteristics. Ask for specific examples.
  • Provide recruiter with feedback - pro/con on all candidates. This results in better candidates and rejected candidates feel that they were treated respectfully.
  • Provide realistic time frames for decisions.
  • If the profile changes, communicate this.



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