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  1. Types of Recruiters - there are 2 types of recruiters - contingency and retained. The retained recruiter typically works on job searches of $200,000 base salary or more. There is no difference to candidates in terms of the type of recruiter you deal with. The contingency recruiter is paid by the company after they place a person in a position. Typically, they are one of several recruiters that the company uses to fill positions. The retained recruiter is hired on an exclusive basis by the company and is paid whether or not the position is filled.

  2. Recruiters will not find you a position - Recruiters work for the company and are a representative for the company. They have positions that they are hired to fill. Recruiters do not find people jobs. Therefore, it is best to work with as many recruiters as possible when conducting a major job search.

  3. What you should expect from Recruiters - you should expect that they give you details on the company, position, location, compensation, and career path. Without this information, you should be very wary of recruiters that do not or will not give you this information.



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