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Beginning the partnership
  • Clearly identify your needs - skills, experiences, characteristics, and style.
  • Identify some potential target companies.
  • Who is your ideal candidate
  • Career pathing.
  • Compensation.
  • Interview process and communication.

Working with more than one recruiter
  • More candidates
  • Backup if one recruiter doesnt work out.
  • Provides competitive incentive.
  • Fill the position quicker.
  • More time spent communicating with several recruiters
  • Takes longer to develop relationship.
  • May take longer to fill position
  • May not provide enough incentive for the recruiter - they are working on other assignments and you want to be at the "top of the list".
  • Multiple recruiters can dilute the marketplace where everyone hears about a position and it appears like the company is desperate or that there is something wrong with the company/position.

Partnership examples - client perspective

  • Listens to and understands candidate profile.
  • Honest and direct.
  • Good communication.
  • In touch with candidates but works for the client.
  • Candidates pre-screened and knowledgeable about the position/company.
  • Strong candidates and ones that accept the offered position.
  • Provides feedback.
  • Has their own candidate profile
  • Not honest and direct.
  • Floats resumes, does not contact candidates to prescreen.
  • Recruits candidates from companies that they have as clients.
  • Does not return phone calls.
  • Candidates develop no trust in recruiter.
  • No feedback.
  • Short-term relationship.

Partnership examples - recruiter perspective

  • Know client needs - skills, experiences, and fit.
  • Present 2-3 qualified candidates and one accepts the offer.
  • Exclusive if practical. Semi-exclusive at a minimum.
  • No clear candidate profile.
  • Poor communication.
  • Wants to see 5-15 candidates.
  • Window shopping for external candidates and filling with internal.
  • Candidates turned off by the interviewers or the process.
  • Compensation not aligned with profile.



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